Two from 2011

Hi Folks,

Not really had the time to get out there yet and start on the 2012 themes, so I have posted a couple of my favourite photos from last year.
A dandelion from my back garden. – Even a simple dandelion has it’s day. Taken about noon time if my aging memory serves me correctly. Never realised something so beautiful was always right under my nose.

Bolton Abbey Stepping Stones. – Not posed, I promise you. People were bunching up on the stones crossing the river, so I could see what was going to happen. Just had to wait till they behaved themselves and came into shot.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get started on the photos for 2012. Have a few ideas floating around in my head already.

Till then, have a nice night or day.


16 responses to “Two from 2011

  1. These are teasers of what is to come….I am in love with that first image…the processing is perfect! The second image is brilliantly composed…amazing what you get with a little patience! Awesome images!

  2. You couldn’t have gotten that bottom one better if you had posed it. That’s the kind of photo that used to be on the last page of the old Life magazine.

  3. I’m going to have to pay more attention to dandelions!!!!

    In your second shot….which I love….I think it’s so interesting to see the two people with their street clothes on…..particularly the girl with the bag! Also like their reflections in the water.

  4. Who said you can’t take photos at mid-day? Lovely image – the processing works really well.

    The seocnd shot made me smile. Thank you

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