Exposure Leeds.

Sat in the car right now waiting for the rain to ease. I’m looking forward to an evening talk about large format landscape photography.
It’s one of the events put on by Exposure Leeds. I went to one in December about urban exploration. All about abandoned buildings, sewer systems and access to unusual places. It was very interesting. Anyway it doesn’t look like the rain angels are smiling on me and my bandaged toe this evening.


Have a good evening all.

10 responses to “Exposure Leeds.

  1. All I can say is hope you brought an umbrella! Hope the meeting was very informative! Love the light flare in this!

    • Hi Patty,
      It was an interesting evening. Rather long at hrs. just sitting there, so any specifics about tilting planes of focus and explaining how people such as Ansel Adams got such great sharpness from front to rear of their pictures would be best left up to some expert, not myself.

      However, the quality and detail available to the large format cameras, even compared to medium format cameras of today is huge. You just cannot capture the detail available at 100% crop on modern cameras, as you can from these.

      The only downsides to them are the sheer weight of equipment you’d have to carry and the cost of film and processing.

      One can dream anyway.


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