#003 – Stop Sign

Hi again,

First of all, technically this is a ‘no entry’ sign. But I believe, for the purpose of this exercise 😉 that it is saying  ‘STOP! – No Entry!’  Which it is if you think about it really.

Anyway that’s what I mistakenly thought it was called it at the time of taking it, only to get home and realise what a plank I had been. But I liked the shot, so had to justify using it somehow.

God help Yorkshire, I’ve only been driving for 20+ years…lol…


18 responses to “#003 – Stop Sign

  1. Interesting sign! This one’s very futuristic looking! Wish we had artistic-looking signs like that here!
    And isn’t it also interesting how many signs that don’t actually say “STOP” really are stop signs, too?

  2. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Hardly any post processing other than painting out a small portion of the bottom right-hand corner, where a roof of a building had just crept in to shot. Other than that, no tweaking of levels or anything.

    Actually, I had been eyeing up two of these new signs for a week or two. They were so clean and bright that they caught me eye each time I passed them. So now finding this challenge less than a week ago, I stopped and took a number of shots from various angles, and obviously liked this the best.

    Thanks again everyone.


  3. Great glow on that…it would be hard to ignore it. You’ve taken it from a fascinating perspective, too. It gives off an air of indisputable authority,

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