I’m a little sad to say goodbye and put my long-time serving Fuji 9600 away in a drawer. It’s been everywhere with me. Up hill, down dale, along streams, perilously close to exploding waves, on the streets, under umbrellas, overlooking high drops and a million other places. It’s had ND filters attached, cable releases, polarisers and  spirit-levels. And together we must have lost countless ND filters, cable releases, polarisers and  spirit-levels, whilst we have been out exploring and playing adventurers.

We have has some perfect 10’s and some awful zeros. It’s been a friend who I will sadly miss somewhat.

However, with every time that comes to an end, a new time emerges. Happiness must emerge from sadness at some stage, like day follows night.

After 20 years, I will have an SLR again this week. I’m upgrading at last! 🙂 It has been a long time coming, but finally this week I’m going to be taking delivery of a new DSLR, 4 lenses, spare battery and 2 pro 95MB/s, 8GB SD cards. To say I’m a mixed bag of emotions at the moment is an understatement. I’m really excited and happy whilst still, generally feeling blue, (as is usual at this time of year for me).

My new friend should be arriving to stay by Wednesday. He’s called K5 and he is coming to live with me from Pentaxville. It was a tough choice between him and his peers as to who I wanted to come and live with me. He has a lot of very capable friends, D7000 from Nikon Town and D60 from the conurbation of Cannon. But for me, what sealed it was his access to quality optics at a reasonable price. So along with a couple of fairly standard AF zooms which cover 27-300 after a 1.5 crop factor, I’ve purchased a 50mm F1.7 manual beauty and a 50mm, F4, 1:2 macro lens (another manual).

With all this, I’m really hoping that my time spent post processing DOF into photos will be reduced to next to nothing. At last I should be able to play about creatively (in camera) with the DOF. I’m also hoping this will considerably reduce my workflow and increase my creative output.

I really cannot wait for us to go out on our first adventure together. To show him his first stream, his first waterfall, his first crashing wave. I may even bring along Fuji occasionally for an all boys day out to reminisce about days gone by and take some photos side by side, together again.

We’re going to have so much fun.

I can sense it in my heart.

Hello world! This is me!


9 responses to “Goodbye!

  1. Oh, fun, to have a new friend to start the new year with! And an opportunity to have more time actually out shooting than fixing things in post-processing….Enjoy!

  2. Looked at the specs of the K-5 . Looks great. Best of luck with the new toy. I still have my old mid 1960’s film Nikons on the shelf. I know how you feel.

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