Two more oldies.

Hi folks,

I’ve decided to semi regularly post some pics that I’ve taken with the Fuji over the last 5 yrs or so. They are not part of the 366. It’s just that I want this blog to be more than just the 366 themes. That’s why I originally called this 366 and all that. Meaning I had more to say but I was not too sure what ‘and all that’ would be. Still not too sure, but have decided to stick up a few oldies.

Anyway the first one has partly formed my header. I’ve always liked it. It was a candid shot in the grounds of Christchurch College Oxford, on a warm late spring afternoon. Trust me to have my first attempt of colour popping on a load of blossom. It took me ages to select it all…

The next was a shot taken in Birmingham of the Sainsburys Building. The building is covered in all these disks and it has an overall wavy structure. It’s very strange the first time you see it. It doesn’t normally look like this though. This was the outcome of an unplanned, but fortuitous slip of the levels slider. That was the only post processing done. I love the high key abstractness of it.

Anyway, have a nice night all.

Till later,


14 responses to “Two more oldies.

  1. Both are wonderful, but I am in love w/ that first image…the selective coloring is pretty amazing! Very artistic!

  2. I like then both too…but for me its the second image that i think is amazing….great abstract image and love the fade (accidental or not) to pure white…

  3. Outstanding…really one of the best shots I’ve seen in the last few months….love it. The B+W is fantastic

  4. Am so glad you resurrected some oldies but goodies! These are wonderful! The top photo gives me such a peaceful feeling and the abstract dots really stimulate and make me feel energized. Keep sharing won’t find any complaining from me.

  5. Love both of your oldies, especially the napping cyclist. I like the idea of bringing back and sharing old photo. Perhaps I will add a new theme to my list. I will add “Redux”.

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