My List (as requested)

Sorry it’s been a while folks, but I’ve been down with flu for a few days. Even my new camera has hardly been touched. Nut I may just venture outside tomorrow, who knows?

Anyway, Steve asked for a copy of my list on the High Key post earlier this week. If anyone still would like a copy I have attached two different Excel types and a pdf. It appears just like it does in my photo here. Although not quite as shiny. It has all the words on one side of A4. Neatly arranged in columns with a highlighted letter above each group of words. No groups of words straggle more than one column.

If you want it, feel free to download it.

366 – xlsx

366 (97-2003)

366 – pdf

Best wishes


9 responses to “My List (as requested)

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who prints out a list… both last year’s 366 project and this year’s Photo Project 2012! Looks like a great list! How’d you decide on your topic?

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