My favourite place.

Here are two very different shots of my favourite place to be. The rocks are called the ‘Salt Cellar’, and they sit atop of Derwent Edge overlooking Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District.

The b+w is taken approaching the rocks from the Strines direction. The silhouette I call ‘The Rock Face’. It was taken from below the rocks, in-front of the brick wall  as you look at it in the b+w shot.

You can do the long climb on a freezing cold day. But when you get up there, lie on your back on the heather, the sun watches over you and everything becomes warm and happy. It’s so peaceful and quiet, so perfect.

Best Wishes.


11 responses to “My favourite place.

  1. Nice place to be able to go at all different times — the light must change a lot! I too agree with Tony that the second looks like a face. In NH, they use to have the face in the mountain called the Old Man in the Mountain. It has since crashed and everyone still looks up to see it.

  2. Omgosh…I want to go there! Both of these are incredible images…love the black and white landscape – just stunning! Also love that face rock – the silhuoette really shows it off nicely!

  3. Great shots. I love the “face” and the Peak District is one of my favourite places in the UK too, ever since I lived in Ashby-de-la-Zouch for a year and had the peak district withing driving range.

  4. The first photo is perfect with the “dreamy” processing as it looks like a great place to sit and dream quietly and contemplate the state of things as you describe. Your rock silhouette is grounded nicely with the bit of grassy framing in the lower corner. I like the strong no-nonsense finish you gave to it which is just right for that subject too.

  5. Lovely. That’s got to be the best aspect of landscape photography… The physical process you go through to get there, the observation of light and weather and the feeling of adventure and peace when you re on a mission and you get there, whether you capture the shot or not!

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