#011 – Weathered

An old door that I pass each day on the way to work. Crying out for some love and attention. Well here is some, but probably not the type it wanted.



16 responses to “#011 – Weathered

  1. You gave this door the attention it is crying out for and I love it! This shows that even peeling paint can have an artful side, we just need to see.

  2. It is a nice abstract with great texture. Peeling paint attracts me too, I guess for the texture or maybe just evidence of passing time. (Until of course I’m the one who has to paint!)

  3. really well seen – so many would walk past and not see the beauty of the peeling paint and patina of this old door. I like the sharpness too – did you add an effect in ps or are those ‘contour lines’ already in the background paint. fascinating photo.

  4. Would make a great texture to layer and use in another composition. I wouldn’t have been able to keep from touching and helping that paint to peel a bit more…kind of like picking at a scab!!

    • Thank you Ann. I love images of urban decay. I’m thinking of sometime getting involved with urban exploration. Some of the shots people come back with of the insides of old abandoned buildings are great.

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