9 responses to “#012 – Clock

  1. Thank you for your comments.
    @Charlotte: I did think hard about merging this shot with another of the clock in sharper focus, but I kind of liked the emphasis on what was about to happen. The only thing I did to the clock was select the face and boost the levels slightly to brighten it a little.

    @ all the desaturation comments 😉 Actually this is almost shot-as-is. I removed some purple fringing from around the arched beams, and removed some blue hue from the white surfaces of the roof in the background and the gates. I didn’t actually run any desaturation on the image. 🙂 At that time it was raining on and off and the clouds were light grey and very smooth.

    As I have said before, I’m still learning every day. I understand about the fringing, but if anyone knows why I had a (slight) blue hue on the white surfaces (I’m guessing white balance, but I’m really not sure), please let me know.
    Thanks again everyone.

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