From the archives – 003

Hi folks,

Here are another two from the archives (AftA). Had a lovely day out in 2011 at a place called Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire.

The area was covered in grit and sand from Scotland and Norway some 320 million years ago and subsequently eroded in the last couple of ice ages to form all kinds of strange and bizarre structures.

These two shots are definitely not the most bizarre structures, but they are my favourite two shots from the visit.


13 responses to “From the archives – 003

  1. I don’t think I ever visited that place when I was living in York…where exactly is it?

    Looks a lot like the Tors on Dartmoor, albeit theres’ much more vegetation…

  2. Thank you for the great comments folks. It really was a lovely day, the place was really buzzing with families and people just enjoying a traditional type of day out.

  3. Looks like an interesting place to visit and explore. Your top photo is so fun to examine with all the little family groups each doing their own thing and enjoying a beautiful outing.

  4. Am so intrigued with the top one…..has the look of a tilt shift lens to me….like Karen think it is quite interesting to see all the various activities being enjoyed!

    • No tilt-shift, honest. One would be way out of my budget currently. I was actually stood on some more rocks. The area infront of me formed a sort of hollow. Which gave me the good view point.

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