Reflections revisited…

In my post here, the other day hmca14 and others commented about the space in the top left-hand corner of the shot. I did toy with the idea of cropping the shot differently for quite a while. However in the end I felt that an even tighter crop would (for me) detract from the scale of the locomotive compared to the boy. So I left it as you see it in the previous post as a square crop, and desaturated and minimised the distractions in the top left corner as best I could.

The original shot:

The final image

Of course, as the challenge was about green, I changed his jumper colour from red. To achieve this I actually duplicated the layer twice. Once to remove the unwanted distractions such as a lot of extra colours (all the red and bright blue) in the top left. And the second to change his jumper from red to green. I them layer masked them both to get the shot above. Finally boosted the saturation in the blue channel and sharpened a bit.

I’m still learning the settings in my new camera. It looks like it tends to make images slightly soft. I may have to up the sharpness in camera a little, or I may just continue to smart sharpen in post.

Thanks again for all the comments in the previous post. I really appreciate them all, whether complimentary,critical and/or constructive.

I just wanted people to know that I do read every comment. And as I’m only learning to do all this, I’m always open to other compositional and post processing ideas.



11 responses to “Reflections revisited…

  1. Actually, looking at the two together on one page now, I maybe could have boosted the lighting levels a bit on the finished photo.It could be a little brighter. ah well….

  2. No Mike…leave well alone…its great the way it is….and I agree the final image is stronger….very nice the way you took out the colour distractions in the top left…great job

  3. I think you greatly improved your original photo with the cropping and other processing that you applied. It’s very evident after seeing the original to compare with.

  4. His jacket is green in the final shot, but in the reflection, it’s red. Personally, I think that’s kinda cool, because your transformation on the original is so well done that one would never know he was actually wearing a red jacket. It gives the photo a bit of a dream-like Through the Looking Glass effect.

  5. The final image is a bit stronger then the original. Fewer distractions lets one focus on the boy and the reflection. It does kind of look like the reflection is in another dimension given the different color of his jumper (or sweatshirt in the States) on him versus the reflection.

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