#017 – Monochrome.

A set of books at work, shot with my 50mm macro. Changed saturation, levels and smart sharpened. I actually ran the smart sharpen twice, as I liked the exagerated look on the paper fibres.

I’m entering this for the challenge here: DPS Monochrome colour challenge.


PS: I know some of you have slow connections, but the best way to view this really, is by clicking on the photo, then enlarging it. It will bring out the detail.

17 responses to “#017 – Monochrome.

    • Thanks Jennifer. I always ‘try’, to think to myself when I first put my eye to the viewfinder, “I don’t want to take that shot. I want something different”. Doesn’t always work and, quite often I forget whilst getting caught up in the moment. But on occasion…

  1. Love the perspective and processing in this piece. You really made a couple of books intriguing! I also love the texture of the paper! 🙂

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