I’m really nervous…Have a shoot on Saturday night.

I have been asked to take photos of a charity event this Saturday night. I have never done this for anyone before, let alone an organisation.

I’m not being paid (nor would I want to be), however the pressure is still there. Has anyone else had to do this kind of thing before? How did you deal with the nerves of the shots possibly not comming up to their expectations? Any advice definately welcome.

The event will be outside, in the dark. I’ll have onboard flash and one old manually triggered flash unit. It’s from before the days of wireless triggers.

This is the event in question. It’s a really worthy cause. I was almost there many years ago myself.


I would like to do the best I can for them.

Thanks in advance for any advice you could give.

Best wishes


10 responses to “I’m really nervous…Have a shoot on Saturday night.

  1. Never done anything like it myself either…only one thing I would say…if using your onboard flash be aware that some close up shots (if you take any) may result in a shadow across the bottom of your shot from the lens…best of luck Mike…having seen your work so far I’m sure it will go well

  2. Go to the site as soon as you can – Say a day ahead of the event. Check the lighting, space, good vantage points, try to imagine what will happen. then set up your camera the night before, decide what mode you plan to use and stick to it. Then try all the tricks Twisted angle< shoot a Portrait of any shot you took Landscape, then take a shot, do a 180 degree turn and snap what ever you see. Then as your moving around the venue Talk Talk Talk all the time and let people know your loving what you are doing (Especially if your not) then you won't have time to worry,

  3. Have done countless shoots like the one you are facing. Nervousness is a normal part of the gig. Start a mantra in your head on the way to the event “I’m fine, this will be fun” (or something like that). Once you get inside and get your gear ready you will do fine. This is a great experience, just enjoy 🙂

  4. Think you got lots of good advice from Ron, scout out the area and anticipate how you might want to proceed. Then follow the advice of PC PHOTO and know we’ll all be rooting for you!

  5. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words. Thanks especially to Ron for the suggestions. I’ll be out after dark tomorrow night, trying out some techniques. I read somewhere that people suggest taking a torch along to use to help focussing. A lot of the area is going to be almost pitch black. So shining it on the subject,grabbing focus, then switching the torch off, sounds like a great idea.

    I’m also thinking of shooting at about 1sec at f11. I’ll get the DOF (hopefully) to maintain focus. Then I’m looking at shooting a flash off manually from different angles for different shots. Rather than just using the pop-up flash.

    Have been reading about rear curtain sync too. Might be ok to try.

    Anyway, getting some ideas now.

    Will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again

  6. Mike, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and you take amazing pictures….don’t stress. I felt the same for my first few events and worried that they’d discover that I had no clue what I was doing…(although I did, I was just so nervous). Feeling like this is normal and it will make you a better photographer. If you went to the shoot over confident and not caring, you just wouldn’t try as hard. I used rear curtain sync on my last corporate event and I really loved it, it allowed me to capture some great ambient light. Because I wasn’t sure whether I’d have enough walls to bounce light from (or white walls for that matter!) I invested in a small flash softbox diffuser. This allowed me to point the flash directly at the subjects and provided a nice soft even light, no harsh shadows. I think you can buy something similar for onboard flashes? But the key is, diffuse the light to avoid hotspots and ugly shadows…Youtube is a wealth of info too 😉 You’ll do great…let us know how you go and best of luck!!

    • Thanks Jennifer. Loving some of the shots on your blog too. I’m going to put together a home-made diffuser tomorrow morning. Have been on YouTube as you suggested. Some good stuff there.
      Thank you for taking the time to make your thoughtful reply. It means a lot to someone who does not have that confidence yet.

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