#020 – Landscape

It’s artistic, live with it 😉

Yes, it is a photograph. No, there are no filters. All I have done is adjust levels and crop selectively.

A prize (a big smile) to anyone who can guess my method.


24 responses to “#020 – Landscape

  1. I like it Mike….water on glass with a coloured paper (?) behind…lit from under the glass…bit of gaussian blur to hide the details and exposure pushed (theres an old darkroom term) in photoshop????

    • Don’t take it the wrong way Steve, but here’s a big smile. Close enough. It was a stripy mug, side lit outside by the sun, shot shallow, so no gaussian blur and levels tweaked.

      I did think of calling it Landscape water colour, but thought that might give the game away too easily. How wrong could I be..lol..

  2. Thank you everyone. It was just two boxes about 1.5ft apart, with some glass balanced on top. I just want to push myself by trying to think about not doing the obvious.
    Thanks again.

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