Another from the archives – 005

I was browsing blogs last night and came across one of Steve’s shots. It’s a good b&w landscape. Very traditional. Very nice.

It prompted me to dig out this photo I took from about 2/3rds of the way up Blackden clough. It’s just off of Snake Pass, in the Peak Districk. About a mile on the left after leaving Ladybower Resevoir behind.

The Google map co-ordinates are:  53.402223,-1.805552

If you go in to street view, look into the valley at the building below, Blackden Clough is the valley rising directly behind it. It’s an absolutely fabulous walk. About an hours walk, with camera about 4. There is just so much to shoot. Waterfalls, pools, lone trees, bogs and great views. It’s a great afternoons photo walk.


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