#024 – Day break (in plastic)

A sun compass. If you have not got one of these, then I can really recommend them. I use a piece of software at home called The Photographers Ephemeris. It uses the Google Maps API, and allows you to see what time and direction the sun will be place on the surface of the earth. (As long as Google covers it of course). You can find it here, it really is very good. But what happens when you are out somewhere and you wonder where the sun will come up tomorrow morning? Just whip out your sun compass, align the arrow with north and Ta daa, it tells you.

Anyway, they ain’t paying me, so that’s all they get..lol..

Lesson learnt from taking this shot: Always make sure items for macro shots are spotless before shooting. The light was just right when I took this, so 45 minutes of healing brush, got it to where it is now. Not brilliant, but believe me, you should have seen it before. I never new a spec of dust could cast a shadow.


8 responses to “#024 – Day break (in plastic)

  1. I too use The Ephemeris…great tool….highly recommend it

    I don’t have sun compass…another bit of kit I must have !!!! lol

    Like the way the light comes through the compass dome here Mike

  2. I have never seen or even heard of one of these…the lighting is perfect and what a nice crisp close up….45 minutes of the healing brush?? Wow, that is dedication!

    • I photographed a sports car once Tammy, that took me 3 months on and off to remove all the branches reflected in the glistening paintwork. And that was before the healing brush days…

  3. Now, I can see that being very cool in terms of, perhaps, determining the Golden Hour (for me, being the later Golden hour, as I just can’t wake up early enough for the dawn Golden Hour.) But, do not try to tell me when I should have breakfast and dinner. THAT is strictly a personal issue!

  4. Do you use a mouse or a pen tablet when editing?? Any trouble with overuse injuries when you are so dedicated in the editing phase? I have a pen tablet gathering dust and am trying to decided whether to dust it off or not.

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