A quick update.

Few things to say , but not sure where to start to be honest.

I went to an evening talk and social at Exposure Leeds last night. The talk was about portraiture, I found it really interesting, and a couple of bits, quite moving. The lady who gave the presentation tends to work with young people. She really manages to engage with them in a way that lights up the shot. Not some stereotypical studio shoot, but beaches, moor land, woods etc… She builds a context for the shot, not just a boy stood in the woods, but a boy playing a richly textured violin. It must sound strange, but it really brought the picture together.

Afterwards we got together in small groups of 4 and shot each other using different techniques. The three others I was with were obviously experienced photographers as the brought speedlights and soft boxes. Me? Just my camera and a torch on my phone..lol.. ooops that reminds me, I still need to review the shots. You see, I normally start my day at 5am, often getting home at 6 or 7. However last night I got home somewhere around 10pm, and up again this morning at five. Right now I feel dead on my feet.

Confession time. I have not got a photo ready for tomorrow yet. I’m normally quite organised, but it’s been a very tiring week at work and I’ve forgotten to take some. So, tomorrow morning I’m not getting up at 5am, I’m getting up at 4am. Then I’m going in to town for 5:30ish instead of the usual 7:30. I’m going to do some night shots. There are a few places I pass on the way in my car, that look interesting. I’m going to see what they offer me up.

Then, I’m off to shoot ‘faces’. I’m smiling about this one. If I nail the exposure then I’m hoping this’ll be one of my favourites.

I guess I’d better nail it now, hadn’t I….

Tomorrow night I’ll process anything I have, and make a post. That is, if I don’t shoot RAW + JPG, and post un-retouched. Now there is a scary thought for me.

Saturday, we are going to a food festival in Leeds, then maybe on to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s forecast to snow on Saturday around 3pm. The first I will have seen this year. Would love to get something white and fluffy this year. Must remember +1 ex-comp.

Finally, I’m hoping that tomorrow my reversing ring from Amazon, will arrive. Cannot wait to try it out. I guess you might be seeing 20 or so themes shot in macro soon. 😉

So a busy couple of days ahead, maybe a post or two, depending if I nail the night time and faces shots. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll try and check in as much as I can and get round to leaving some comments for you.

Till later, take care and have a good time.


7 responses to “A quick update.

    • Ron, I won’t put up the ones I took last night, as it was very informal, I don’t have permission from them. However I am attending a proper 1 day workshop about portraiture a week Sunday. I’ll definitely be putting what I learn there, in to some shots that I’ll post here. Permission granted of course.
      Thanks again.

  1. Sounds like you had a valuable experience last night….look forward to the portraiture shots coming and those multiple macros 😉
    I too have some news,,,,got my first commission shoot tomorrow morning….taking brochure shots for a local Estate Agent…could turn into a nice sideline,,,like you were, I have some trepidation but I know I can do it.

  2. No pressures for a picture….just have fun and we will see them when you post them! Looking forward to some macros (my favorite type of photography!)

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