Street Photography – 003

Another one from my last visit to York.

Again for the DPS site: Street Photography – 003



11 responses to “Street Photography – 003

  1. Of the 3 MIke this one is my favourite….it tells a story…I fely myself wondering what they were saying to each other….do they know each other….is she a tourist and hes telling her about the minster……

  2. This is just wonderful! Their stance looks like they’re tourists….yet the dogs make them seem local….regardless they seem to be in awe of the church in front of them!

  3. I love the stories you can imagine when looking at this image…I think they are on vacation and really checking out that amazing architecture…”Look honey…”

  4. I love this the best of the three too for the story we can make up and for how well you separated the people and dogs from the background, so fine!

  5. Love this, you can see the affection between them in their body language. Great dof and contrast with pin sharp focal point.

    I am often told in our club comps that we shouldnt photograph peoples backs, but I think this works.

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