#026 – Panorama

Hi Everyone,

Back where I feel most comfortable photographing, in the landscape. It snowed yesterday in to the night. Probably the only snow we’ll see this year where I live. Where I am in South Yorkshire it’s very flat. We have the hills of the Peak District and the Pennines a few miles to our West, and sixty miles east is the coast and the North Sea. We tend to get quite mild weather compared to our westerly and easterly neighbours. That’s why this morning, I was up with the larks and traipsing along untouched snow covered lanes to shoot some early morning snowy scenes.

The place is called Sandal Beat Woods. It is situated next to Doncaster Race course. If you want to see where exactly, open Google maps and paster the following co-ordinates:


This is to within about 5 feet of where I shot from.

The image consists of 9 vertical shots from tree to tree. Basic black and white conversion in Lightroom, then imported in to Photoshop and stitched together. I must admit, PS5 did a rather excellent job at stitching them together, I didn’t have to retouch any joins at all. The resultant image size was 23,500 x 4928, totalling roughly a working file size of 1.2gb. I have never done anything this large before.

Hope it does not take too long to load for some of you. I have reduced it as much as I can, whilst retaining as much detail as I can.

One click enlarges quite well. 2 Clicks for detail.


16 responses to “#026 – Panorama

  1. Awesome Mike….my type of image…I like the way you have framed the image with the 2 darker tree trunks…did you have any issues with running out of memory in PS…I tend to get issues around the 9 or 10 image stitches

    • Thanks Steve. No real issues to speak of. I don’t have the most powerful of PCs, so it took about 5 minutes for the initial import from LR. But I went and got a coffee whilst it chugged away.

  2. Great shot! Looks like your peering through a slit trench in a Pillbox overlooking the forest, with people in the backgroound whispering, “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming”! or some such antiquated slogan.

  3. This is a really nice pano – very moody and nostalgic I think. Could be even more daunting if embedded into some 360 pano / photo viewing software that would put you in the center of all this.

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