#027 – Trees

At last today, I’m managing to stick up another 366. Though I was never going to get round to it. Another from yesterday.

The place is called Sandal Beat Woods. It is situated next to Doncaster Race course. If you want to see where roughly, open Google maps and paste the following co-ordinates:


Location is approximate. After all, everything was completely white. It’s hard to tell.

Post processing. Healed a few twigs etc.. on the floor.  Levels and curves tweaked. About 3% burn with large soft brush on front tree.  Pretty much shot as is. The conditions could not have been better. The best bit, I planned this shot in my head and it came out right, first time :-).


16 responses to “#027 – Trees

  1. Cracking shot Mike…great result…I think I might crop a little of the white from the bottom of the image…no more than an inch or so tho

  2. Cheers Steve. I did actually try moving the trees around the frame. Not much background to worry about..lol.. Decided in the end to go with the original shot. I also looked at a 1:1 crop and reorienting it to landscape. Believe me I’ve faffed about with this for over an hour, then went back to the original shot.

    I do appreciate the comments. Echoing my thoughts like you do often, proves me me I’m not too far along the slippery slope to madness, just quite yet.
    Thanks again Steve.

  3. I like the trees Mike, but being an Artistic Dubce, find all that white negative space too overpowering, but then I don’t know snow in the least!

  4. Wowzer…this turned out just wonderful…love the depth and the artistic look! I like all the white that leads up to the trees, really emphases the isolation felt!

  5. Soft and lovely. It looks like a charcoal sketch. I’d have cropped the bottom, but I think I’d have been wrong on that. Something about the trees floating in the sea of white makes it mystical.

  6. Thank you everyone. Really.

    Bobbie, I fiddled around with the composition for about an hour. This way, that way, landscape format etc…. The other thing missing is the 3rd tree. It’s still there, you just cannot really see it at this resolution. But full size, it’s just behind the second tree, forming a line of three.

  7. Fantastic composing! Even before enlarging I see the third tree.
    I have been nearly lost in white-out snow storms, they aren’t this serene!

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