#028 – Still Life

All is silent. All is peaceful. All is white. Still, Life lives on…

Only one more to go after this, I promise you. As with the last post ‘Trees’ just moved 100 meters further away from the woods. Shot this in to the sun (really Sherlock???), across the race course.

Post processing: Levels.

Hope you enjoy.


You can find a reworked version of this photo here.

9 responses to “#028 – Still Life

  1. None of the above I have to admit. I’d been shooting in aperture priority and took this from the car window as a last second thought, just when I was leaving. The meta data says it was 1/8000 at f3.5 and ISO 100. No thought, just shot.

    The foreground from the fence line was too dark, not too much, but enough. As I always shoot raw, in PS I lifted the levels on the foreground only. However this is where it’s gone a bit wrong. If you look carefully, and I did after posting, you can see the levels extends just above the fence top. There is a thin brighter band.

    If I had taken my time and done this properly, I should have set the selection for the levels to finish at the horizon line which sits between the top and bottom of the fence. There is a dark line.

    There was also some vignetting in the top corners. Due to the glare I guess. Which I have done a poor job on too with the dodge brush.

    But taking a leaf from your book Steve, I’ve left it up. Sorry, not my best effort.

    As they used to say to me at school, tries hard, but could do better.

    I may try to process this again.


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