#029 – Angles.

Taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This is a sculpture made from wood, that has a lot more organic form than this shot would suggest. It has quite a free overall shape. To be honest I could not describe it. But it’s fabulous to run your hands and fingers over.

Whilst I was taking this, the snow was beginning to fall for the weekend. It was very quiet and I had the location to myself. I love times like this, just me and the camera.

This first photo has been entered in the DPS weekly challenge, which can be found here. The other 3 are not part of the challenge.

This sculpture can be found in this building, not too far from the main entrance, though far enough not to get too many visitors on a cold wet snowy day. It’s by Ursula von Rydingsvard. (Thanks YSP for the info)

Finally here are a couple of other shots of a contemplation chamber, again situated at the YSP. These were taken on a previous visit. It was a bit more summery that day. It can be contemplative…

 and at other times, not so…

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park can be found at the following Google Map co-ordinates. 53.613857,-1.568406

The glass building is located here: 53.611489,-1.574682

The contemplation room/chamber, here:  53.611789,-1.568234

It’s a really great day out.


12 responses to “#029 – Angles.

  1. Did not think that this sculpture was made from wood. It is awesome looking, I’m sure seeing it and touching it doesn’t compare to the photograph. Great photos.

  2. Thank you everyone.The photo really does not do the piece itself justice. It was so tactile and eye-catching with the changing light levels on all the different angled surfaces.

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