#030 – Abandoned

A shoe, just one shoe. Who on earth abandons, just one shoe. Shot walking to work yesterday morning. Bet I looked strange crouched down as people passed by. Good! ..lol..


Post processed as follows:

Dupe background layer.

Add some lens blur to duplicated layer.

Select background layer.

Exposure, hue/saturation and curves adjustments to background layer to boost foreground detail.

Select duplicated layer.

Add layer mask to duplicated layer.

Then using gradient fill (Black to white) started filling the mask with the gradient fill at various positions till I got the blend right between the foreground and the background. (In my eyes anyway)

Finally, new empty layer, and added a border.

Time to process: About 20 minutes. (in fact it took me longer to write this post, than it took to take and process the shot ;-))

Reworked the exposure. Steve was right, when I looked at it in the published post, It looked really dark, so as I have started to keep my files as PSD as well as small & lge JPGs, here is the reworked exposure. Hope it looks ok.

10 responses to “#030 – Abandoned

  1. The processing has really boosted this one Mike…although I personally find it a bit dark…but thats just me….great choice for the theme

  2. What if your cut out everything below the red car? then you’d just have the shoe, the road and the curving leading line, without the distraction of the buildings and other things in the background?

  3. I hadn’t actually thought of that Bobbie Are two reworks too much for one post? Scrolling the image in my browser, I’m thinking, maybe just above the red car?

  4. I do like the lighter version. I like the cars and the pedestrian. It gives the shot a bit of place and perspective. It shows just how totally random this spot really is for a single shoe. Maybe the very top could go I guess.

    I always wonder too about just how a single shoe gets off and nobody picks it up. I see quite a lot of abandoned footgear it seems, always missing their mates. Weird.

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