#031 – Freeze Frame

A shot of me holding an old picture frame over some animal prints in the back garden yesterday afternoon.

The prints actually extended outside of the frame, but I cloned them out. So as almost create a photo within a photo.

I think I might be the only one to get that…

Anyway it has freezing stuff in it and a frame, so I’m using it..lol..


9 responses to “#031 – Freeze Frame

  1. I’m really surprised no one has commented so far. The bottom left-hand corner of the frame is a copy of the bottom right-hand corner. Remember I did say above, that I was holding the frame. To me the cloning is bad, but that’s probably because I did it, and can see it.
    Just surprised no one mentioned it…lol…

    I guess I should say thanks everyone, for being kind 😉

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