Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit.

Hi Folks,

Here are a few shots from my visit a couple of months ago, to the Yorkshire Wildlife park near Doncaster. It’s a really great way to kill 3 or 4 hours. Looking forward to going back with my K5 soon.

Not one of my best shots, but I love the way it shows how close the lion enclosure is the the nearby housing estate.

Just Glad I don’t live there..lol..

If I remember rightly, this is a Yellow Mongoose. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

A couple of shots of the camels.

The second one came about as the keeper came across calling the camel, so I saw my change and followed the keeper closely. There was only about 3ft between me and the camel when I shot this one.

And Finally by the end of the visit, I was definitely in good company. This Sloth really could not be bothered with the people walking by him only two feet away and peering over him with their cameras.

As I said before, it really is a great way to kill a few hours. Just a shame the newly acquired tigers, didn’t feel up to being photogenic that day.

Ah well, there’s always next time.


13 responses to “Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit.

  1. That shot of the lion with the houses in the background has to be unique to this zoo! Agree that showing the proximity makes the shot worthwhile. My favorite is the mongoose.

    • Thanks. I know the lion shot is technically a very poor shot. But as you note, the juxtaposition of the houses with the lion, just made it essential to include above.

  2. Thank you everyone. My favourite is actually the one of the camel against the red wood background. It was shot at distance, so was really pleased with the way it came out.Nice and sharp.

  3. You’ve got some cool animals there. My favorite shot is the color one of the camel. The composition is perfect. The colors are old and warm; they speak of Africa. Noting is there to distract from that aloof expression on the camel’s face.

  4. I personally like the emotion that comes through in the lion photo. You may consider it technically “inferior”, but I think it looks like the lion is looking toward freedom, his ancestral home in Africa, etc (even though he was probably zoo raised). Just sort spoke to me today….

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