#040 – Crooked

This was my first encounter with the Vikings on Saturday. Came across the marching up The Shambles at 8am.

Crooked refers to the age, shape and architectural style of The Shambles.

The shambles is the best preserved medieval street in Europe. The 15th century buildings almost touch at their tops in places, allowing people in the top windows to touch hands. The street is also mentioned in the Doomsday Book some 900+ yrs ago.



Help, the Vikings are coming:



11 responses to “#040 – Crooked

  1. I Love how you got down to the cobblestone. Gave such a different perspective and showed those buildings leaning in…

  2. That’s quite a low perspective, hope you didn’t get too dirty….or maybe you have one of those swivel screen cameras….

  3. I’ve been to the Shambles, years ago. Your photo makes it look like it might have close to when it was built–lacking, of course, sewage running in the streets and all those other earthy features it now (thankfully) lacks.

  4. Thank you again everyone for the comments. I didn’t get down in the gutter, I admit. I just bent over and held the camera low. Shot on a manual lens, so just focussed at infinity.

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