#50 – Pleasure

It seems strange sometime, what we British class as a good day out.

Ice Creams




Wind Breaks

hats and hope that the sun will one day shine.

“Wrap up warm son, It’ll be fun!”

You can find another example of British grit on my blog here.

10 responses to “#50 – Pleasure

  1. Great photo, love the splashes of colour. When we were in the UK at Christmas, Doug and I couldn’t get over how the folk get out,more than I can see happens in this country!!

  2. great photo, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the UK and it is true bad weather never stopped anyone from venturing out…love all the colour, the crowd, super!

  3. We are a hardy lot, us Brits! I agree with previous commentators, rain and miserable weather doesn’t seem to stop us doing things. Noticed here in the Okanagan Valley on Monday, that a big downpour stopped a lot of work carrying on. That would never happen in the UK! It’s raining again today, but I will be out working in it.
    Great colour, great shot and it brought a smile to this ex-pat’s face.
    Thank you.

  4. You are a hardy people…not letting a little rain and cold stop any of the fun. Being from the dry, sometimes droughty Great Plains, we are usually welcoming rainy weather with open arms…It’s the 30 below zero, blizzard weather that we try to not let stand in the way of things. Life goes on regardless, I guess, so one might as well make the most of it!!! Great peek at everyday life!

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