Photographer takes on Scarborough breakers

A day out in Scarborough turned in to as cat and mouse game with mother nature.

I still cannot believe to this day that the only water I got on me was from a car driving through a puddle.

This shot was taken by my better half. Unlike me she was standing well back.

I am really annoyed that I cannot now find my shots from this day. There were a couple of really good ones that I took from that position 😦

23 responses to “Photographer takes on Scarborough breakers

  1. OMG… were any cameras ruined in the taking of those pictures. And Danudin is right 😉 Good job Mrs C… great capture!

  2. Well you sure provided her with an interesting subject……hard to believe your camera didn’t get soaked! A lucky guy, I’d say!

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  6. This actually looks inviting considering it has been over 100F for most of the past month and a half where I live! But I love it and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Thank you for capturing a cool moment!

  7. I’m pretty brave and adventurous when it comes to “getting the shot,” but you my good man make me look like a sissy! 😀 Not only a wall of water, but I assume salt water as well, Yikes!!

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