Olympic Torch arrives in Doncaster. (Part 2)

Finally it’s almost here. Some have arranged for a vantage view…

Diana Swanson, waiting for the change over from Ben Parkinson is being a diamond and posing for photos with the crowds.

You can Diana’s great story here:


Finally the Olympic Flame approaches. The crowds are packing the streets…

The flame is being carried by Ben Parkinson.

You can read his truly remarkable story here:


Ben and Diana meet in the middle of Bennethorpe and touch torches. Ben passes hope and courage to Diana.

The final leg of the morning before the torch stops for lunch. Diana is guided through the crowds by officials, and off the flame goes on it’s tireless journey.

Meanwhile back at the change over point, Ben is swarmed over by the press, photographers and the public trying to get a photo or just a glimpse of this remarkable guy.

It was quite a scrum around Ben. I had to be quite assertive to get the above two shots. Shoulder to shoulder with camera men and pro togs. Mike held his own though:)

In fact any vantage point was fair game today.

Finally, you cannot have a feel good story/post without a photo of a person dressed as a doggie on my way home.

Well done Doncaster!


13 responses to “Olympic Torch arrives in Doncaster. (Part 2)

  1. My favorite is the very top picture…love how the little girl has her hand over her mouth as in complete amazement!

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  3. Ben truly is the epitomy of British True Grit and dogged determination!
    A real inspiration and an exceptional human being.
    You’ve captured a great series of images too;)

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