14 responses to “366 – Pet

    • Jenny, not at all. If anything sometimes, the more blatant you are, the less they notice. One caveat though, I tend to restrict my street photography to cities and tourist locations. Tourist locations, everyone has a camera, so you just blend in. In cities most people always seem to be in a hurry, so you don’t really get noticed. I wouldn’t try it in my home town though, I’d likely just get thumped. They’re a bit rough round here…lol…

      • LOL great tips 😉 I do find in tourist spots I get a little courageous and try it out, at the Red Sox game a few weeks ago I put on my “creeper” lens and zoomed in on some interesting peeps.

  1. Composed perfectly…love the leading lines up to the pair and really love you use of selective color!

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